“David Steward, co-founder and chairman of the board at World Wide Technology, said he was once a “son” of the Urban League, and now his business is valued at $9.4 billion ‒ making it the largest African-American business in the country. Being a title sponsor of the conference and major supporter of the Urban League are important to him, he said.<br><br>“Thank you, Urban League,” Steward said. “This is an investment back into the next generation.”” – St. Louis American<br>http://www.stlamerican.com/news/local_news/urban-league-to-bring-national-conference-to-st-louis/article_8dadf96a-005e-11e7-9309-1782b74dde5f.html<br><br>He’ll sponsor a conference but he won’t ‘donate’ $5 million?

They stay reaching and grabbing… it is really hard for some white folks to let go, they will ‘intellectualize’ and come up with all the excuses in the world to preserve symbols of slavery. Imagine if they put this type of energy into eradicating racism in their own community…Not surprised KMOV went and got this dude instead of a Prof of African American Studies at Harris Stowe. <br><br>”Michael Allen, who is a senior lecturer in the School of Architecture at Washington University, told News 4 that the monument’s message is not ambiguous and is obviously one-sided.<br><br> “It’s definitely very much a monument that glorifies the sacrifice of Confederate soldiers,” said Allen.<br><br>Allen said the monument was controversial when city leaders voted to accept it in 1914 but that they thought it might open up avenues for trade with southern states and lead to economic development in St. Louis. He said it would be wrong to destroy the monument or hide it away because it’s part of Missouri’s story of being divided over slavery and the Civil War.<br><br>”We have to tell the full story. We have to display it in a way where its own origin is admitted, that it didn’t go up to the adulation of the masses. It went up in the corner of Forest Park that’s kind of remote because some people didn’t want it at all. I think a plaque or a panel that tells that story next to this” <br><br>Notice, its always white folks who decide which symbols of history to memorialize…

She doesn’t have a plan… she’s reaching and grabbing trying to come up with something after getting blindsided by national response to last week’s speech by the Mayor of New Orleans and that city’s resolve to remove monuments of racism, oppression and terrorism… in addition to getting one upped by Tishaura Jones gofundme to fund the removal of the Confederate memorial at Forest Park.<br><br>Lyda Krewson is a disaster, she’s not a leader, she duck, dodges and speaks through spokespeople… until she’s forced to confront an issue, then she’s reactionary.<br><br>Read the comments… St. Louis is proud of its racist history. That’s what elected leaders don’t have the stomach to confront. Their constituents.