When you don’t call this shit out in the begin, the mainstream will fill in the blanks with false narratives and you end up with opportunists like Deray being credited for starting, organizing and leading your movement…<br><br>Again, Deray is not from St. Louis or Ferguson. He did not start the movement in Ferguson. He did not organize us. He had absolutely nothing to do with taking our movement to the forefront. He tweeted from wherever he came from and only flocked to Ferguson after the cameras came, when we already had momentum, when we were already national and international news. He hopped out in front of the cameras and lied, claiming to lead our movement while we were out in the streets being teargassed, shot with rubber bullets and chased by armed soldiers. <br><br>We don’t know who sent Deray… all you think you know about Deray in Ferguson is based on lies and false narratives spread in mainstream media during the early days of Ferguson. <br><br>Darren Seals called Deray and other opportunists out, check his timelines, google Darren Seals and Deray or Black Lives Matter. Google Darren Seals and Brittany Ferrell to see the type of push back he was getting before he was murdered. This all played out in real time on social media. <br><br>To this day not one BLM activist or any of their Ferguson mascots have called for an investigation into the murder of Darren Seals.