One of our biggest hindrances is trying to mobilize in a reality show, travelling carnival, circus like atmosphere Black Lives Matter started at the height of the protests in Ferguson. Those who say this is good for the movement are misinformed or purposely contributing to the confusion. This ‘free for all’ is not good, its detrimental… it desensitizes us, sensationalizes black suffering fostering a “Hunger Games” like environment on social media that is exploited by mainstream media and manipulated online by those outside our community who fund/control the narrative, movement leaders & the agenda. That is not a winning strategy.

Don’t confuse mainstream validation or accolades of ‘movement leaders’ with validation/accolades of the past. Those came as a result of sacrifice and ultimately death. Leaders of the past were not accepted by the mainsteam during their day. They could get killed for their messages “Boycott”, “Do for self”… “By any means necessary”. All empowering. All focused on things we could do and achieve on our own. The messages today are in total contradiction…. begging and seeking validation are not empowering. The ideology being shoved down our throats today doesn’t focus on things we can do or achieve on our own, instead it seeks change through whatever crumbs our oppressors are willing to give us…. diminishing our collective power while empowering our oppressors. This is genius… and also why those outside our community funding/controling movement leaders stress ‘turn up’ and making demands over boycotting, doing for self or looking at alternatives outside the acceptable/respectable means of protest. This played out in Ferguson and it’s playing out in Charlotte today.