“Francis Slay’s City Hall has been hostile toward the underclass from day one of his administration. And equally as egregious are the politicians, ministers and community “leaders” who are too afraid to open their mouths in opposition to the gentrification that is dangerously close to shuttering an institution that has been providing services to the poor for over 40 years. Those complicit in this land grab — fueled by nothing beyond greed — should not only be ashamed, they should be publicly held to account.”

Don’t trust shit Bob McCulloch says… he’s still talking ‘interpretation’, meaning this law is subjective and can be interpreted many ways. He’s playing with words… “The new statutes do not introduce more severe penalties for assault nor create additional avenues for juveniles to be charged with such crimes”, that may be true (or subject to interpretation), the part he’s leaving out is that children can be charged under the old. The only guarantee children will not be charged is if the word FELONY is removed… everything else is grandstanding.