Watching Roland Martin on News One. Yawn, tired of the Roland Martins, the Van Joneses, the Jonathan Capeharts and the establishment, status quo, kumbaya, ‘treat us better massa’ negro ideologists. Look around? This is where listening to them got us. They have ZERO credibility and even less power, not that they ever did, but with the help of the Democratic Party they did give off the illusion they mattered. Trump killed that illusion by showing white establishment politics can win without them.

MTV is at a loss trying to pretend explain what happened… Just as quick as activism became mainstream and commercialized, it vanished. Not because police are killing fewer people or Trump TV but because the travelling George Soros, Black Lives Matter media circus and performers have moved on to the next.<br><br>MTV is full of shit for even asking… nobody is stopping them from covering police violence. They simply choose not too. As for videos, the murder of Michael Brown was not captured on video, the murder of Trayvon Martin at the hands of police wannabee George Zimmerman was not captured on video. Black people know by experience most injustices are not captured on video.

The Post continues to piss on black people and tell us its raining… Another example of how disconnected the daily paper is from black citizens who make up the majority of St. Louis and Ferguson.<br><br>The Post endorsed Mayor Knowles, mayor at the time of Ferguson, the man who created the conditions that led to the protests… the man who’s done nothing but fight the Brown family and the DOJ every since. <br><br>They endorsed Knowles over Jones because they didn’t like her performance in their Q&A session. So her performance in their Q&A was worse than Mayor Knowles performance in and since #Ferguson?