I love music and I love to dance. For those of you who didn’t pick up on the name (bgyrl4life or b-gyrl), I came into hip hop as a b-girl. I studied Mike, his every move… learned so much as a dancer, how to feel music, how to dance to any part of the song, lyrics, I kid you not, even accapellas lol. The most valuable lessons I learned from Michael had nothing to do with music or dance, I learned life lessons such as discipline, strength, how to be fearless and to take a stand, even when standing alone…. I talk about that in this interview. My segment starts at -71:00 Thanks to Jamilah Bourdon for having me on.

“The mobilizing or mobilization model of struggle seeks to bring the people out to support political actions that are conceived, planned, and executed by organizational or movement elite. The people are, essentially, extras in the drama of liberation with the leaders as the featured actors. The rank and file members or participants are without substantive voice and initiative. ” “Many organizations or people are using vigils, marches, rallies and demonstrations as spaces for emotional release. Emotional responses to material forces of oppression are insufficient for the job at hand. ” “The exploitative systems of domination are structured and institutionalized. The masters or exploiters are very much aware of the value of organizations in maintaining the status quo.” This is why the elite is throwing money at Black Lives Matter / the Movement For Black Lives while pushing intersectionality. This isn’t new, its an old play from an old playbook. Look where its gotten us.