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The most difficult part isn't what we go through,
the most difficult part is getting you to understand.


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I go wherever my spirit takes me, never knowing where I'll end up next. One thing I do know is there's a reason for being wherever I touch down...


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The 5th Dimension of Ascension

You'll never know who, what or when but once you've been "activated" life as you know it will cease to exist. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life. This is my story.

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Again, I’m talking about short term, focusing on things we can do right now that will impact our communities. Doing these things will not only help us develop skills we can use to do bigger and better things, it will also decrease crime. Increasing the quality of life decreases crime. Expecting people who aren’t activists to come to the table and suddenly know what to do is unrealistic. People have to be trained. They have to earn experience… learn everything from how to plan and strategize to how to communicate to how to work with others. These are the skills required to do bigger and better things such as systemic change and democratic control of the department for example. I’m not saying that’s the solution, the path to any solution is going to require community involvement. If we can’t give people small victories, the skills or experience required to change their immediate circumstance, how can we expect them to tackle the larger issues? Or is it that we simply expect them to follow? And where are we leading them if not down a path that addresses their immediate needs? We can’t simply overlook that. A lot of folks get caught up in policy and forget we’re talking about real people in real communities. They need immediate relief.