Bruce Dixon articulates one of my biggest issues with the Green Party.. this is not limited to the Greens, the DNC and nonprofit industrial complex stay trying to make the blm model work for them… can’t recreate that. The only reason blm was successful is because they coopted an existing movement. Had it not been for Ferguson blm would have remained in obscurity with no following instead of being elevated, amplified mascots for various entities.<br><br>”Building a new kind of left party isn’t easy, or it would have been done a long time ago. The Green party’s annual meeting in Newark last week revealed some of the deep problems caused by liberals whose goal is “diversity.” Diversity creates token blacks, browns, women and queers and pretends they are leaders, instead of nurturing and developing leadership from below. Liberal diversity creates phantom and undemocratic bodies responsible to nobody which are easily manipulated by cynical opportunists.<br><br>The Green party can only successfully grow black constituencies by recruiting outside the institutional bases of Democrats – outside the churches, the nonprofits and most unions. Rather than “making room” for black leadership the Greens will have to grow and/or recruit leaders with their own following outside the institutional strongholds of Democrats, black, brown and queer leaders who will bring their own room, their own space with them. It’s a lot easier said than done. Tokenism, elevating the blacks you already have in the room, is a lot quicker and easier. The problem is that token leaders like these bring no black followers with them. Which brings us to the Green party’s black caucus.<br><br>The Green party’s black, Latinx, queer and womens caucuses are wonderful examples of elevating tokens instead of grooming and growing leaders. “