Democrats and liberals ain’t no better, they just hide it, then reinvent themselves whenever the shit hits the fan. <br><br>I’m glad Donna got called on her shit…<br><br>“This kind of slipperiness, which has served Brazile well over the course of her long career, will now doom her,” Nwanevu writes. “For both the enemies she’s making in the establishment and the activists she’s gesturing to on the left, she will survive mainly and perhaps only as an example of the very self-interested corruption that she decries: a craven, calculating striver, incapable of being trusted, and loyal not to ideas or a particular vision for the country but a career now in need of resuscitation. … Brazile’s future is precisely as dim as it ought to be.”

Nooooow, the media wants to revisit the accusations of sexual harassment against Trump… one or 2 things are happening here fam… either Trump is behind the airing out of all these prominent men accused of sexual assault as a way to deflect from his situation or somebody else is behind it as a means to get people to demand Trump be held to a higher standard than high profile men who were forced to step down or, or, or simply to deflect from what is known as the Black Lives Matter movement . The media is feeding into it… its a win win for them either way. The #MeToo movement has been hijacked, just like the NFL protest movement. Something is def going on…

Black folks better wake up… they stay letting us know. This from the President of the United States, Republicans don’t hide it… Democrats are sly with theirs, but ever bit as enraged when black people don’t get with their program. <br><br>The media keeps making false comparisons between Trump and Levar Ball instead of holding Trump to a higher standard, ummmm he IS the President of the United States. These tweets alone should be cause for punitive action.<br><br>Ummmm and where all the black celebs who were caping for Trump? Better yet, why isn’t explicit racism covered in the same manner as sexism? The racists have yet to get the same treatment. Not one has stepped down.