Stop pretending detention started with Trump… Bush, Clinton… even Obama,<br><br>”The Obama-era centers were sharply criticized for keeping children detained even if they were still with their parents. A court ruled that those detention centers violated the Flores agreement and that families should be released together.” <br><br>I HATE identity politics, people don’t really care. When their side is in power its all good, everything is justified, the ‘powers that be’ can do no wrong. Soon as the other side is in power same cats act brand new and start pointing fingers. Both parties do it. Those who cape for one party or President over another are just splitting hairs. Constituents fall for it every time.

Its not that Trump, the NFL or owners aren’t listening… THEY DON’T CARE. They keep showing the players they don’t care. They’re listening… and they gave players a response. Trump called them sons of bitches and the NFL imposed a policy stating they will get fined for protesting. <br><br>Players can keep tap dancing but the reality is they have 1 of 3 choices…. shut up and play ball, accept whatever crumbs are thrown their way to shut them up or build their own. <br><br>The nation waits to see how the most athletic, strongest, most ‘powerful’, wealthy black men in Amerikkka respond. If it continues to be on their knees that imagery alone will set us back decades.