Not sure how we got here? “So why is the Green Party’s Jill Stein campaign filing for recounts in 3 states? It’s not to overturn the election results. As the Green Party has maintained all along when the choices are limited to Trump and Clinton we don’t have a dog in that fight. Fact is, it’s not even a fight. President Obama said it best at his post-election White House meeting with the Donald, when he asserted that they were both on the same relay team and he was just passing the baton. To us Republicans and Democrats look a lot less like a relay team and much more like a sleazy wrestling tag team. Barack is tagging out, and now Trump is tagging in. Neither one is on our side. The Stein campaign and the Green Party are filing for recounts because persuasive evidence exists that the vote totals were tampered with in several states. The researchers who uncovered these anomalies brought them to Democrats first. But since both capitalist parties are on the same team, Democrats were uninterested. But the Green Party and Jill Stein are NOT on their team.”

I’m all for the recount… not because I’m pro Hillary, which I’m not, nor am I pro Trump or any political party. I pro anything that agitates or pressures the status quo. But the main reason I’m for the recount is given all corruption exposed from gerrymandering to absentee balltos and all the faux ‘concern’about voter fraud, so much so that states are enacting voter id laws, not to mention the President and feds talking about Russia hacking an actual candidate, I’ma need a recount to verify the ‘integrity’ of the vote. Merica gotta show and prove from here on out. Can’t talk all this shit, then be like ‘nothing to see here’.