On the frontlines of #Ferguson

This is my life, not a reality show

Are you going to step up?

The most difficult part isn't what we go through,
the most difficult part is getting you to understand.


Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

I go wherever my spirit takes me, never knowing where I'll end up next. One thing I do know is there's a reason for being wherever I touch down...


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The 5th Dimension of Ascension

You'll never know who, what or when but once you've been "activated" life as you know it will cease to exist. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life. This is my story.

An Infinite being looking forward to connect with like minds who are in the process of becoming super human, or have already become so. - Ralph Smart


Thoughts on working La Toya’s last project and #LifeWithLaToya @OWNTV


b-gyrl & Biz Markie talk hip hop, where its been, where its at and where its goin…

I'm more than a fucking name on your screen

That Thing! That Thing! That Thiiiiiiiing!

B for hire!

I’m guilty of it myself. I’ve been forced to talk about Beyonce, Jay Z and Deray because we (by we I mean the collective us) CANNOT 1. fall for bey and jay’s “hip hop summit/vote or die meets the black/carolina panthers” movement revival and redlobsterfest superbowl edition complete with new single, video and tour. Red Lobsters sales went up 30%! (MISSING)There is no blm hashtag promocode for those $3600 vip tickets. 2. let corporate media diminish the works of MLK, Malcolm, etc and their sacrifice, etc by mentioning the Sekous, Derays and Nettas, none of these movement folks in the same breath. MLK and Malcolm were considered threats. They didn’t get paid. They lost their lives. Movement leaders today aren’t even getting mugshots taken or being fingerprinted. Its all staged/paid acts of civil disobedience. 3. allow the spin/pr/manufacturednarratives to go unchallenged. Especially not from our own.